Email Mini-Course on Immigration

Email course series

In 2019, Pew Research Center wanted to expand their reach with the general public via newsletters while using all the information already available within their archives. I collaborated with the Engagement Editor to create automated email series intended to teach readers about various topics within Pew Research Center’s wheelhouse.

We pitched the idea to leadership and created a proof of concept over a few months. To do this, I managed a cross-disciplinary team in ideation, content creation, design, review and release of the email course. This included:

  1. Creating a project plan
  2. Editing email course content
  3. Collaborating with a graphic designer to produce the template design
  4. Researching and developing a strategy for implementing these newsletters within MailChimp
  5. Setting up and publishing the emails and landing pages
  6. Producing a video ad for our first course

After our pilot course on U.S. immigration was released, I organized and participated in a panel at the Online News Association’s 2019 conference titled, “Use Email Automation to Deliver Mini-Courses and Activate Your Archives.” Alongside other newsletter editors that I recruited, I shared learnings from the experience of going through our pilot. I also prepared the presentation slides and one-sheet guide with best practices and tips for attendees.

Pew Research Center now has 4 email course series available.

True North iPad Magazine

iPad Packing list layout

True North Magazine, a magazine conceptualized by students in a joint design and writing course at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014, focused on the emerging volunteer travel movement, or voluntourism. In the creation of the magazine, we strived to keep readers informed about trends in the movement.

As the iPad Director for the design class, I led the creation of both the print and iPad magazine, with the Editor-in-Chief and Art Director, over the course of four months. In order to turn our content into a unique digital experience, I taught myself techniques for interactive iPad design in Adobe InDesign and then worked with the other designers and the writers to build features. I also created a visual style guide and edited various versions of all the pages before preparing them for print and inclusion in the Apple App Store.

True North Magazine | iPad | Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor

True North Magazine | iPad | Packing List
Top 10: Packing list

True North Magazine | iPad | Expert Q&A
Expert Q&A

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