Employee Holiday Cook Book

In the midst of working from home during COVID-19, the Accenture Federal Digital Studio morale committee wanted to gift the Studio team something unique and uniting. Because the Studio previously held Thanksgiving potlucks in person, the idea to create a cookbook of special holiday recipes was born. We had also recently lost a member of the Studio who was an avid baker and wanted to create the book in her memory.

I led the team in the creation of the cook book by creating a project plan, building a team of volunteers to help design the book and gather recipes, laying out content, providing art direction, editing the content, and coordinating the printing and delivery of the books.

We created the 70-page book with around 40 recipes and sent it to print in less than a month. The books were delivered to each Studio member’s home in early January. We got wonderful feedback about how special the book was and how it helped bridge some of the gap created by the distance created by COVID.