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  • Federal client service design research

    Federal client service design research

    Over my 2+ years at Accenture Federal Services/Fjord, I worked as a project manager and team lead for service design, product design, and rapid prototyping engagements with 7 clients across 4 agencies. As the project manager, I worked with the Design Leads and clients to set and execute strategies for the projects. I facilitated Agile […]

  • Email mini-course on immigration

    Email mini-course on immigration

    In 2019, Pew Research Center wanted to expand its reach with the general public via newsletters while using all the information already available within its archives. I collaborated with the Engagement Editor to create automated email series intended to teach readers about various topics within Pew Research Center’s wheelhouse. We pitched the idea to leadership […]

  • Employee holiday cookbook

    Employee holiday cookbook

    In the midst of working from home during COVID-19, the Accenture Federal Digital Studio’s morale committee wanted to gift the team something unique and uniting. Because the Studio previously held Thanksgiving potlucks in person, the idea to create a cookbook of special holiday recipes was born. We also recently lost a member of the Studio […]

  • Foreign student graduates interactive database

    Foreign student graduates interactive database

    Researchers at Pew Research Center wanted to create an interactive, digestible way for journalists and policymakers to engage with new data on foreign graduates of U.S. higher educational institutions who worked or sought employment under the U.S. government program after graduation. I led a team of researchers, designers, and developers to take on the challenge […]

  • Tenure Facility interactive timeline

    Tenure Facility interactive timeline

    The Tenure Facility is an institution that provides grants to advance land and forest rights and livelihoods of indigenous and local communities. Through 2017, it was incubated by the Rights and Resources Initiative. Our goal for the website was to showcase the history of land rights in relation to the initial projects funded by the […]

  • RRI website redesign

    RRI website redesign

    Rights and Resources Initiative is a global coalition of over 150 organizations dedicated to advancing land and resource rights of Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendant Peoples, local communities, and women. In 2016, I led a redesign of the organization’s website. The site was behind in design and technical best practices, organized in a confusing way, and failed […]

  • Land Rights Now Social Media Campaigns

    Land Rights Now Social Media Campaigns

    The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), Oxfam, and the International Land Coalition formed the Land Rights Now Alliance, which has hundreds of indigenous, community and non-governmental organization partners, to work towards securing indigenous and local community lands globally. In March 2016, the Alliance launched with a campaign that included a social media push. To support […]

  • PBS Arts Refresh

    PBS Arts Refresh

    PBS Arts is a content vertical for PBS’ national brand. In 2015, I audited the original PBS Arts website, reviewing over 80 program pages as the first step towards refreshing the site. Then I created an action plan for the site content: retire, move or update the program pages. Afterward, I restructured the site and […]

  • True North iPad Magazine

    True North iPad Magazine

    True North Magazine, a magazine conceptualized by students in a joint design and writing course at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014, focused on the emerging volunteer travel movement, or voluntourism. In the creation of the magazine, we strived to keep readers informed about trends in the movement. As the iPad Director for the design class, I […]