Small business project management template development

Problem to solve:

CreativeJunkFood, a multimedia creative studio, came to me because they wanted to put processes in place to keep their various projects organized and on schedule. They wanted easy-to-use templates and tools to help them streamline their project management, increase their efficiency in working with their clients and contractors, and scale up their business.

Google Document template that has CreatiiveJunkFood logo in the top left and says 'Project Kick-Off Template.'


I held a discovery call with each stakeholder to learn more about their pain points, needs, and their current project management practices. Then I researched tools that could meet their needs and presented my findings and possible solutions to the stakeholders. After we decided on a path forward, I created templates for and Google Drive and edited them based on feedback. I created documentation and walk-through videos of how to use the various tools.


CreativeJunkFood received a full set of materials to streamline their processes and have better communication internally, with their contractors, and with clients. These materials and new processes set them up for future success on projects.

Working with Ariana has been terrific. She showed us how our processes could be greatly improved using different software for managment.

Ariana took her time to ask thoughtful questions and did research on the information she learned from us in order to make suggestions for things that would benefit our company that we hadn’t even thought of.

After working with Ariana, we feel confident that we’re creating a foundation that will allow our business to expand in both capacity of projects and personnel.

Nabeeh Bilal & Candice Taylor, Founders of CreativeJunkFood, LLC