Healing retreat strategy development & event production

Problem to solve:

My client Phim Her, owner of HAWJ Studio, offers professional coaching and holistic healing services (tarot, meditation, and reiki). In 2023, she invested in creating her business’s first two-day retreat to scale up her healing work and bring in new customers. She hired me to help her create a strategy, support in planning logistics, and manage the event during the retreat.

She wanted the retreat to have the flow of a conference but with a warmer human touch that was accessible, welcoming, and healing.

Phim Her, owner of HAWJ Studio, interviews Lela Singh from Teaism at the retreat.


I held a kick-off with Phim to discuss her goals and vision from the event. From there, I put together a project timeline with key dates and milestones. We checked in regularly to evaluate progress and discuss how the different decisions made aligned with the strategy we discussed. I also drafted different check-in emails for speakers and attendees to keep them informed before and after the event.


Together we planned 2 full days of sessions with various ways for people to participate — taking into account accessibility of cost. 25 attendees participated throughout the weekend experiencing new healing modalities and learning from nine different speakers. We were able to bring in 2x the amount of revenue that we were expecting.

I was able to tap into Ariana’s background as a project manager, leader, creative communication strategist AND event planner. I feel lucky and grateful that she had the capacity to work with me for over a quarter to support my vision. 

She helped provide clarity through her discovery calls, and she was also always proactive about setting up timelines, deadlines, and check-in meetings to ensure that we never got off course. 

As a solopreneur, it means the world to be able to partner with someone as solid as Ariana. I am already looking forward to working with her again in the future! 

– Phim Her, founder of HAWJ Studio/Phim’s Oasis