Federal Client Reports

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Over my 2+ years at Accenture Federal Services/Fjord, I worked as a project manager and team lead for service design, product design, and rapid prototyping engagements with 7 clients across 4 agencies.

As the project manager, I worked with the Design Leads and clients to set and execute strategies for the projects. I facilitated Agile sprint meetings, ad hoc discussions, and planned workshops with my clients and teams.

Across the projects, I also supported research and design efforts, and wrote and edited the deliverables we produced.

Service Design Engagement — Research Readout

Role: Creative direction, writing, and editing

Service Design/Rapid Prototyping Engagement — Research Readout

Role: Editing

Service Design Engagement — Findings & Recommendations Report

Role: Creative direction, writing, and editing

Email Mini-Course on Immigration

Email course series

In 2019, Pew Research Center wanted to expand their reach with the general public via newsletters while using all the information already available within their archives. I collaborated with the Engagement Editor to create automated email series intended to teach readers about various topics within Pew Research Center’s wheelhouse.

We pitched the idea to leadership and created a proof of concept over a few months. To do this, I managed a cross-disciplinary team in ideation, content creation, design, review and release of the email course. This included:

  1. Creating a project plan
  2. Editing email course content
  3. Collaborating with a graphic designer to produce the template design
  4. Researching and developing a strategy for implementing these newsletters within MailChimp
  5. Setting up and publishing the emails and landing pages
  6. Producing a video ad for our first course

After our pilot course on U.S. immigration was released, I organized and participated in a panel at the Online News Association’s 2019 conference titled, “Use Email Automation to Deliver Mini-Courses and Activate Your Archives.” Alongside other newsletter editors that I recruited, I shared learnings from the experience of going through our pilot. I also prepared the presentation slides and one-sheet guide with best practices and tips for attendees.

Pew Research Center now has 4 email course series available.

Employee Holiday Cook Book

Cook book

In the midst of working from home during COVID-19, the Accenture Federal Digital Studio morale committee wanted to gift the Studio team something unique and uniting. Because the Studio previously held Thanksgiving potlucks in person, the idea to create a cookbook of special holiday recipes was born. We had also recently lost a member of the Studio who was an avid baker and wanted to create the book in her memory.

I led the team in the creation of the cook book by creating a project plan, building a team of volunteers to help design the book and gather recipes, laying out content, providing art direction, editing the content, and coordinating the printing and delivery of the books.

We created the 70-page book with around 40 recipes and sent it to print in less than a month. The books were delivered to each Studio member’s home in early January. We got wonderful feedback about how special the book was and how it helped bridge some of the gap created by the distance created by COVID.

Little Witch Kids Book

Monster illustrations

A close friend of mine had a baby in 2021. She loves magic and poetry, so I came up with the idea to co-create a book for her baby during her shower. I then had to make a plan for involving all her loved ones while keeping it a secret.

My sister and I wrote 16 verses for the book before the party. Then at the shower, each of my friend’s loved ones was assigned a monster representing a different number from 1 to 10 that they had to draw. For example, a monster with 1 horn.

All the illustrations were sent to me and my sister, who cleaned up the illustrations and turned them into outlines in Illustrator. I designed the layout of the book InDesign, incorporating other icons with the monster illustrations and then sent it to print.

PBS Arts Refresh

PBS Arts banner

PBS Arts is a content vertical for PBS’ national brand. In 2015, I audited the original PBS Arts website, reviewing over 80 program pages as the first step towards refreshing the site.

Then I created an action plan for the site content: retire, move or update the program pages. Afterward, I restructured the site and the various pages using a newer template available in the custom content management system.

To round off the refresh, I collaborated with the design team to create a new aesthetic for the PBS Arts brand, which resulted in new graphics for the site and other digital presences.

In addition to taking over the management of the site, I took ownership of the PBS Arts Twitter, where I helped grow monthly impressions by over 225 percent in a three month period.

To keep both the site and Twitter up-to-date, I created a schedule for regular updates and analytics monitoring, using tools like Hootsuite, Crowdtangle and Google Analytics.


True North iPad Magazine

iPad Packing list layout

True North Magazine, a magazine conceptualized by students in a joint design and writing course at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014, focused on the emerging volunteer travel movement, or voluntourism. In the creation of the magazine, we strived to keep readers informed about trends in the movement.

As the iPad Director for the design class, I led the creation of both the print and iPad magazine, with the Editor-in-Chief and Art Director, over the course of four months. In order to turn our content into a unique digital experience, I taught myself techniques for interactive iPad design in Adobe InDesign and then worked with the other designers and the writers to build features. I also created a visual style guide and edited various versions of all the pages before preparing them for print and inclusion in the Apple App Store.

True North Magazine | iPad | Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor

True North Magazine | iPad | Packing List
Top 10: Packing list

True North Magazine | iPad | Expert Q&A
Expert Q&A

Feature story on solar power

$190 Million Less Video

NC education motion graphic

In the summer of 2012, I launched WhichWayNC, a mobile-optimized news site about political issues important to North Carolina residents, with a small group of students at Reese News Lab. The site explored how North Carolina’s changing politics were playing out in the community. The project took an experimental look at content creation for mobile devices.

As part of a week of content focusing on the North Carolina education system, I conducted research, created the storyboard and produced this motion graphic. The video, which was released on the site and across social media, compares what the total amount of money cut from the 2012-2013 North Carolina public school system budget, $190 million, could have been spent on.

Edthena Video

Edthena motion graphic

In partnership with Meg Wrather, I worked with our client liaison at Edthena, an organization bringing feedback for teachers online, to identify the needs of this advertisement video. Meg and I wrote the script and storyboarded the video. We split the design and animation tasks before combining the pieces, adding music, and directing the audio voiceover. We also managed the review process with our client.