RRI Website Redesign

In 2016, I led Rights and Resources Initiative’s website visual and content redesign. The site was steps behind in design and technical best practices, organized in a confusing way, and failed to portray the global coalition’s work, impact and reach. In order to effectively execute the website‘s refresh, I managed and followed a multi-step process.

  • I examined the website’s Google Analytics data to determine key content areas and conducted interviews with staff to identify the main concerns with the design and functionality of the existing site.
  • Then, I used the gathered information to develop an infrastructure for the site and create a sitemap and early wireframes for key pages.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Sitemap
  • I audited the content on the site to map out which pages needed to be edited, translated into French and/or Spanish, or created from scratch.
  • Then, I developed a contract and plan with web developer consultants to execute the rebuild of the site.
  • I wrote, edited and designed content for the site, including page text, new audience icons, and the home page header image.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Audience Icons
  • Then, I managed the review, editing, and debugging of the site by liaising with the web development consultants as well as internal and external stakeholders.
Digital_RRI Website Redesign_New Site
2016-17 Design of the RRI website
Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Old Site
2013 Design of the RRI website

PBS Arts Refresh

PBS Arts is a content vertical for PBS’ national brand. In 2015, I audited the original PBS Arts website, reviewing over 80 program pages as the first steps towards refreshing the site. Then I created an action plan for the site content: to either retire, move or update the program pages. Afterward, I restructured the site and the various pages using a newer template available in the custom content management system.

To round off the refresh, I collaborated with the design team to create a new aesthetic for the PBS Arts brand, which resulted in new graphics for the site and other digital presences.

In addition to taking over the management of the site, I took ownership of the PBS Arts Twitter, where I helped grow monthly impressions by over 225 percent in a three month period.

To keep both the site and Twitter up-to-date, I created a schedule for regular updates and analytics monitoring, using tools like Hootsuite, Crowdtangle and Google Analytics.