Unauthorized Immigration Video

I produced and edited the story for this explainer video as part of Pew Research Center’s release of new data on unauthorized immigrants.

I managed the entire process of creating this video from initial concept to publication plans while collaborating with the Center’s video producer and researchers . I led brainstorming sessions to identify the target audience (the general public) and goal (explaining the “how” and “why” behind the new data) for this product.

I wrote the script, managed the schedule, assisted during filming, and facilitated the feedback process among all stakeholders.

$190 Million Less Video

In the summer of 2012, I launched WhichWayNC, a mobile-optimized news site about political issues important to North Carolina residents, with a small group of students at Reese News Lab. The site explored how North Carolina’s changing politics were playing out in the community. The project took an experimental look at content creation for mobile devices.

As part of a week of content focusing on the North Carolina education system, I conducted research, created the storyboard and produced this motion graphic. The video, which was released on the site and across social media, compares what the total amount of money cut from the 2012-2013 North Carolina public school system budget, $190 million, could have been spent on.

Edthena Video

In partnership with Meg Wrather, I worked with our client liaison at Edthena, an organization bringing feedback for teachers online, to identify the needs of this advertisement video. Meg and I wrote the script and storyboarded the video. We split the design and animation tasks before combining the pieces, adding music and directing the audio voiceover. We built in time for reviews with the client.