Unauthorized Immigration Video

I produced and edited the story for this explainer video as part of Pew Research Center’s release of new data on unauthorized immigrants.

I managed the entire process of creating this video from initial concept to publication plans while collaborating with the Center’s video producer and researchers . I led brainstorming sessions to identify the target audience (the general public) and goal (explaining the “how” and “why” behind the new data) for this product.

I wrote the script, managed the schedule, assisted during filming, and facilitated the feedback process among all stakeholders.

Foreign Student Graduates Interactive Database

Researchers at Pew Research Center received data from a public records request on foreign graduates of U.S. higher educational institutions who worked or sought employment under the U.S. government’s Optional Practical Training (OPT) program after graduation. 

Using various project management tools and techniques, I led this project over three months from initial idea to final product.

Through various brainstorm sessions, I worked with a team of researchers, designers and developers to identify the goal and target users of this data and product: release the data in a digestible and usable format for regional and national journalists and policy makers. From there, I led further discussions on the design and content of the product, which went through various iterations throughout the process.

Iteration Process



Final Product

Tenure Facility Interactive Timeline

The Tenure Facility is an institution that provides grants to advance land and forest rights and livelihoods of indigenous and local communities. Through 2017, it was incubated by the Rights and Resources Initiative.

To showcase the history of land rights in relation to the initial projects funded by the Tenure Facility, I worked with web developer consultants as well as internal and external stakeholders to develop a storytelling template. Its first implementation was for the history of Indigenous Peoples’ land rights in Indonesia. This involved:

  1. Determining key audiences/users and their needs, as well as functionality and content requirements for the template. As we built the template, we also input information for the first use, the Indonesia timeline.
  2. Gathering photos, writing and editing copy, and working with video producers to create videos for the timeline.
  3. Managing the feedback and design ideation process between our consultants and our internal team.
  4. Presenting the timeline to key stakeholders for review and approval.

Digital | Rights and Resources: Tenure Facility Timeline

RRI Website Redesign

In 2016, I led Rights and Resources Initiative’s website visual and content redesign. The site was steps behind in design and technical best practices, organized in a confusing way, and failed to portray the global coalition’s work, impact and reach. In order to effectively execute the website‘s refresh, I managed and followed a multi-step process.

  • I examined the website’s Google Analytics data to determine key content areas and conducted interviews with staff to identify the main concerns with the design and functionality of the existing site.
  • Then, I used the gathered information to develop an infrastructure for the site and create a sitemap and early wireframes for key pages.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Sitemap
  • I audited the content on the site to map out which pages needed to be edited, translated into French and/or Spanish, or created from scratch.
  • Then, I developed a contract and plan with web developer consultants to execute the rebuild of the site.
  • I wrote, edited and designed content for the site, including page text, new audience icons, and the home page header image.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Audience Icons
  • Then, I managed the review, editing, and debugging of the site by liaising with the web development consultants as well as internal and external stakeholders.
Digital_RRI Website Redesign_New Site
2016-17 Design of the RRI website
Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Old Site
2013 Design of the RRI website

PBS Arts Refresh

PBS Arts is a content vertical for PBS’ national brand. In 2015, I audited the original PBS Arts website, reviewing over 80 program pages as the first steps towards refreshing the site. Then I created an action plan for the site content: to either retire, move or update the program pages. Afterward, I restructured the site and the various pages using a newer template available in the custom content management system.

To round off the refresh, I collaborated with the design team to create a new aesthetic for the PBS Arts brand, which resulted in new graphics for the site and other digital presences.

In addition to taking over the management of the site, I took ownership of the PBS Arts Twitter, where I helped grow monthly impressions by over 225 percent in a three month period.

To keep both the site and Twitter up-to-date, I created a schedule for regular updates and analytics monitoring, using tools like Hootsuite, Crowdtangle and Google Analytics.


True North iPad Magazine

True North Magazine, a magazine conceptualized by students in a joint design and writing course at UNC-Chapel Hill, focused on the emerging volunteer travel movement, or voluntourism. In the creation of the magazine, we strived to keep readers informed about trends in the movement.

As the iPad Director for the design class, I led the creation of both the print and iPad magazine, with the Editor-in-Chief and Art Director, over the course of four months. In order to turn our content into a unique digital experience, I taught myself techniques for interactive iPad design in Adobe InDesign and then worked with the other designers and the writers to build features. I also created a visual style guide and edited various versions of all the pages before preparing them for print and inclusion in the Apple App Store.


True North Magazine | iPad | Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
True North Magazine | iPad | Packing List
Top 10: Packing List
True North Magazine | iPad | Expert Q&A
Expert Q&A
Feature story on solar power

Edthena Video

In partnership with Meg Wrather, I worked with our client liaison at Edthena, an organization bringing feedback for teachers online, to identify the needs of this advertisement video. Meg and I wrote the script and storyboarded the video. We split the design and animation tasks before combining the pieces, adding music and directing the audio voiceover. We built in time for reviews with the client.