RRI Website Redesign

In 2016, Rights and Resources Initiative’s website was steps behind in design and technical best practices, organized in a confusing way, and did not accurately portray the global Coalition’s current work, impact and reach. In order to effectively execute the website‘s visual and content refresh, I managed and followed a multi-step process, which included:

  1. Examining the Google Analytics data from the website to determine key content areas and speaking with staff to identify the main concerns with the design and functionality of the existing site.
  2. Using the gathered information to develop an infrastructure for the site and create a sitemap and early wireframes for key pages.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Sitemap

  4. Auditing the content on the site to map out which pages needed to be edited, translated into French and/or Spanish, or created from scratch.
  5. Developing a contract and plan with web developer consultants to execute the rebuild of the site.
  6. Writing, editing and designing content for the site, including page text, new audience icons, and the home page header image. Conducting an image search to select photos for the various page headers that matched the RRI brand and mission.
    Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Audience Icons

  8. Managing the review, editing and debugging of the site by liaising with the web development consultants as well as internal and external stakeholders.
Digital_RRI Website Redesign_New Site
2016-17 Design of the RRI website
Digital | RRI Website Redesign: Old Site
2013 Design of the RRI website